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Quick Healthy Dinner Ideas Pastry Stuffed with Potatoes and Cheese

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Pastry stuffed with potatoes and cheese quick healthy dinner ideas


It’s a little colder today so this recipe is really quick healthy dinner ideas at a premium. It’s one of those cuddly and comforting recipes that we like to eat as a family when the bad weather arrives or fall is just around the corner.

As usual I used very simple and accessible ingredients that you can easily find in organic stores or supermarkets.

Moreover the pastry comes from the garden. If you look a little more at the ingredients, you will see that I was very much inspired by the tartiflette which is my favorite dish.

The tartiflette is thus composed of bacon, onions, potatoes and reblochon.

Being in the mountains, I like to cook a multitude of dishes with different cheeses, preferably from my region check here for more quick healthy dinner ideas.

So this pastry stuffed with potatoes is easy to make and you will be able to make it according to your taste with a few simple tricks.

The  recipe of this pastry stuffed with potatoes and cheese quick healthy dinner ideas


So to make this potato-stuffed pastry recipe, I took yellow onions, tomme de Yenne which comes from Savoy, parmesan cheese, bacon to remind the bacon, soy cream and finally potatoes that stand up to cooking.

As for the tartiflette recipe it is possible to put other ingredients in this stuffed pastry recipe. Thus the pastry can be replaced by butternut or a small pumpkin.

Parmesan and Tomme de Yenne can be replaced by Reblochon, Beaufort, Abundance, Comté or Cantal.

The bacon can be replaced by raw ham or bacon and finally the soy cream can be replaced by rice cream, almond cream with a taste can marked or fresh cream or classic thick cream.

So to make this recipe I have already cooked my pastry in boiling water to soften the flesh more quick healthy dinner ideas here.

Then I cut a hat off the top and removed the flesh inside. I sautéed my onions in a frying pan with the pastry flesh and the potatoes. Then I added the bacon at the end of cooking.

Once everything was golden brown, I salted and peppered, added the cream and the cheeses with the parmesan and the tome de Yenne.

Once everything was well melted and homogenous, I poured the preparation into the pastry which I then toasted in the oven to get a nice golden crust.

And it was only afterwards that I served my stuffed pastry as a main course.

Pastry stuffed with potatoes and cheese quick healthy dinner ideas


quick healthy dinner ideas

A pastry recipe stuffed with cheese, bacon and potato like a tartiflette.


20 min


30 min


Complete dish


Gluten free, Egg free


2 people


749 kcal




·         1 medium sized patio

·         300 g potatoes

·         120 g tomme de Yenne

·         85 g bacon

·         80 g red or yellow onion

·         60 ml soy cream or classic

·         35 g parmesan

·         salt/pepper


1.            Wash the pastry, then place it in a large pot of boiling water and cook for 20 minutes from that time.

2.            Meanwhile, wash and cut the potatoes into pieces. Then peel and chop the onions.

3.            Fry everything in a stewpot with olive oil.

Once everything is well browned, cut off the top of the pastry, remove its seeds and take the flesh while leaving a thickness of 1cm on the edges for the pastry to hold.

4.            Add the flesh of the pastry to the stewpot. Then add on the cream, the chopped tomme and the parmesan cheese. Mix and melt it all over low heat. Then add salt and pepper.

5.            Then put in the oven for 10 minutes in a grill/roasting oven at 180°C. Serve immediately.

Tip for quick healthy dinner ideas

1.            It is possible to replace:

-the pastry with pumpkin, squash or butternut cut in half lengthwise

-Parmesan cheese and tomme cheese with Reblochon, Comté, Beaufort, Roquefort, Cantal, Goat cheese…

-bacon by raw ham or bacon.

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