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Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes for Busy People

Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes for Busy People

easy healthy dinner recipes

 Hello everyone,

It’s always nice to find a easy dinner recipes when you’re overwhelmed and want to make a great dish for your little family. That’s why today.

 I’m going to share with you an index of easy recipes that are on my blog and that are very quick to make. I also made a table of appetizers and recently a table of Menu of the week, a table that will give you a lot of meal ideas.

Personally, in order to organize myself better.

 I always make the weekly menu every Friday night, sometimes I ask my children what they want to eat during the week, so that on Saturday morning I go out shopping for the week, and then I prepare what I can prepare as ingredients or even dishes to make during the week.

Just for the record, just because you are a housewife, you don’t have to prepare in advance. I find that sometimes there are very busy days, swimming day, dentist’s day, club day of this one, or the other one.

Not to mention the revisions and the homework to do with the children… So, a housewife has no time to chaumer, there’s always something to do, and we have to get organized otherwise everything will get out of our control, and we’ll find ourselves running around without even having time to brush our hair!

Concerning the organization after shopping, it is always linked to the recipes programmed for the week! That is to say if I have a recipe that contains a lot of vegetables that I have to peel and cut, I prepare the quantities that I need.

I wash and dry them, then I place them either in glass boxes, or else in freezer bags and I put them in the fridge


(not in the freezer). If I have a pizza to make, I prepare the tomato sauce in advance sometimes even the pizza dough to freeze. For example, if I plan to make an Indian recipe, such as chicken tikka massala, I marinate the chicken at least two hours before, and then I place in a freezer bag and place in the freezer.


When I make the menu for the week, I take into account the busy days and program a easy dinner recipes for that day.

My breads I always prepare them on Sunday, and I freeze them immediately after cooling, I do this with, bread and almost any other bread recipe, it keeps super well in the freezer, you just have to remember and take your bread out at least 1 hour before from the freezer!

The starters, I prepare them at night, whether it’s the stuffing for bricks, or the falafel recipe, or the pastry for savory pies, I do it at night and when I want to make the recipe I take it out of the fridge, I shape it and cook it directly,

all this to tell you that even if you are more than overwhelmed, taking a little time to get organized will solve a lot of things.

But today we’re not going to talk about menu and how to program these recipes, today I share with you a lot of quick and easy recipes full of quick and easy recipes for busy people, 

what you want! And now we’re going to see a selection of easy recipes that I’ve selected for you, and I hope that these recipes will help you in your organization.

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