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Light Dinner Ideas Grilled Salmon and broccoli with Parmesan Cheese

Light Dinner Ideas

Grilled salmon and broccoli with parmesan cheese Light Dinner Ideas


Here’s a new fish recipe that’s Light Dinner Ideas quick and easy to make and looks great on a nice table.

This is one of the simple dishes that I like to put forward because at the end of the day it is possible to make it for a big family meal as well as for a meal on a weekday evening.

We are in the middle of the cabbage, broccoli and squash season so it’s time to enjoy the recipes for soup, mashed potatoes, gratin and other complete dishes with or without animal proteins.

I eat less and less meat so I try to offer you here more vegetarian recipes or small dishes with fish, easy and quick like this recipe of grilled salmon and broccoli with parmesan.

So to make this recipe evening of grilled salmon with broccoli and parmesan, I made a marinade with olive oil, paprika, curry and cumin.

Then I made a vegetable purée with broccoli, cream and parmesan. As usual it is possible to replace some of the ingredients in this recipe is Light Dinner Ideas.

For example, salmon can be replaced by cod or trout and broccoli can be replaced by another seasonal vegetable such as Butternut, cauliflower or Romanesco cabbage.

The recipe of this grilled salmon and broccoli with parmesan cheese Light Dinner Ideas


So to make this recipe of grilled salmon and broccoli you will have to mix the olive oil with the paprika and cumin in a bowl.

Add the timut pepper. Mix then add this sauce on your salmon steaks.

Cook them in a pan. Meanwhile, cut the broccoli into small florets and steam or cook them in hot water until cooked.

Pour them into a blender and add the grated parmesan and cream. Take advantage of the heat of the broccoli to melt the cheese and make the purée homogeneous.

Grilled salmon and broccoli with parmesan cheese Light Dinner Ideas

Light Dinner Ideas


A quick and easy complete dish with a broccoli and cheese purée and grilled salmon with spices here one more Light Dinner Ideas.


30 min


30 min


Complete dish


Gluten free, Egg free


3 people


450 kcal


·         steam cooker




·         600 g broccoli, cabbage or squash of your choice

·         3 salmon steaks for 150g each

·         200 ml soy cream or other heavy cream

·         60 g grated parmesan cheese

·         olive oil

·         paprika

·         cumin

·         Timut pepper




Cut the broccoli into bunches and steam it until it melts. Then pour it into a blender with the cream and parmesan while it is hot. Blend until you get a smooth purée.

Pour the olive oil with the spices into a container according to your taste, then brush your salmon steaks generously check this Light Dinner Ideas.

Cook your salmon with this seasoning and a few peppercorns from the timut. Once browned, serve immediately with the broccoli purée and enjoy immediately.

Tip Light Dinner Ideas

Salmon can be served with rice, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes or carrots.

Broccoli can be replaced by another cabbage (flower, romanesco) or squash (nutmeg, butternut, pumpkin).

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