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Healthy Dinner Ideas Sesame and Soy Lacquered Chicken


Healthy Dinner Ideas

Sesame and soy lacquered chicken Healthy Dinner Ideas

Here’s a new Healthy recipe Dinner Idea for Sesame Soy Lacquered Chicken that’s perfect for bringing an Asian flair to your table.

This is a very nice recipe that will allow you to eat vegetables, starchy foods and proteins in a very greedy way as usual.

Moreover, you will find some tracks to realize it according to your tastes in the tip of the recipe sheet.

nsi to make this recipe for Sesame Soy Lacquered Chicken I used broccoli and semi wholemeal rice to accompany the chicken.

Again, don’t hesitate to replace the broccoli with a seasonal vegetable for more Healthy Dinner Ideas check here.

For semi wholemeal rice it can also be replaced by wholemeal rice. You can easily find it in organic stores.

Then for the chicken pieces I chose a sauce made of onions, sesame oil, salted soy sauce, whole sugar and finally a little water to loosen the sauce. Before that, once is not customary, I added potato starch to create a coating that will stick around the chicken pieces.

It is a very nice recipe easy and quick to make that will allow you to have starchy foods, vegetables and proteins.

Then, it’s up to you to measure and add starchy foods, proteins and vegetables according to your daily needs here is more Quick Healthy Dinner recipes.

healthy dinner ideas

The recipe for this sesame and soy lacquered chicken Quick Healthy Dinner


In order to make this recipe for lacquered chicken, I already cut the broccoli into bunches and steamed it. Then I cooked the rice in a pot of boiling water.

For the chicken I cut it into pieces, sprinkled it with potato starch and brown it in a frying pan with sesame oil before reserving it.

Then I made the sauce, for this I peeled and chopped the onion and sautéed it in a frying pan with sesame oil.

Finally I added some soy sauce. I mixed and added the chicken pieces and tadam check Quick Healthy Dinner !




20 min


30 min


Complete dish


Gluten free, Lactose free, Egg free


3 people


247 kcal





  • 430 g chicken
  • 85 g yellow onions
  • 60 g whole sugar
  • 50 ml salted soy sauce
  • potato starch
  • sesame oil
  • sesame seeds
  • water


  • semi whole grain or whole grain rice
  • broccoli




1.                   Separately, cut the broccoli into florets and steam it for 20 minutes. Set aside. And in the meantime, cook the rice in boiling water in 2 times its volume in water. Reserve.

2.                   Cut the chicken into pieces and arrange the pieces on a plate with cornstarch to coat them.

3.                   In a frying pan, add sesame oil, then add the chicken pieces. Brown them. Then set aside.

4.                   In the same pan, add the peeled and sliced onions. Add again sesame oil so besoina with a little soy sauce. Mix together.

5.                   Once the onions are cooked, add the chicken pieces again. Then pour in the sugar, the rest of the soy sauce and a little water to loosen the sauce. Mix and simmer.

6.                   Once the sauce is syrupy and the chicken is cooked, serve the rice, vegetables and chicken immediately. Then enjoy immediately.

Tips for healthy dinner recipes

1.                   Soy sauce and sesame oil can be easily found in organic stores.

Finally the potato starch can be replaced by Maizena or arrow-root.

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