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Healthy Dinner Ideas Chicken and Vegetable Blanquette Healthy Dinner

healthy dinner ideas

Quick Healthy Dinner Chicken and Vegetable Blanquette 

I asked you a few days ago on the social networks about Healthy Dinner Ideas to find out what you would like to see more of on the blog. And in the end the answer was unanimous, you would like a lot more stews and pasta dishes as a Healthy Dinner.

So, know that your answers did not fall on deaf ears and that this recipe is usually right in your requests.

 Blanquette de veal as well as beef bourguignon, veal Marengo, or coq au vin for example are among those traditional French dishes that we have all made or eaten at least once. You know this kind of small, gently simmered and very comforting dishes that stand on the corner of the stove and easily embalm the whole kitchen.

 It’s really in this idea of a comforting cocooning meal that I wanted to make this recipe of chicken Blanquette with vegetables it’s Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes.

So to make this recipe of chicken Blanquette with vegetables you will need carrots, leeks, Brussels sprouts and button mushrooms. These are seasonal vegetables, but depending on the month of this recipe, do not hesitate to change the vegetables used.

Then I used chicken to replace the traditional veal and finally I made a broth with water, potato starch, homemade clarified butter, soy cream, and organic vegetable powder broth which is low in salt. It is possible as usual to make some small adjustments. For example, the soy cream could be replaced by conventional oat rice cream or semi-thick cream and finally the potato starch could be replaced by corn starch or arrow-root it’s one of the best Healthy Dinner Ideas.

Healthy Dinner Ideas Chicken and Vegetable Blanquette

healthy dinner ideas

To make this recipe for chicken Blanquette with vegetables, I have already cut the chicken fillets into small pieces and browned them with a little clarified butter. Then I peeled and cut all the vegetables and finally I made a roux with butter, starch and broth.

I mixed the preparation and then added the water in which I added my vegetables. I let all my ingredients simmer and then once they were ready I added the cream and the previously cooked chicken. I simmered and reduced the broth for a few more minutes before serving. This is a really Easy Healthy Dinner recipe and will be perfect for a family meal.

Chicken and vegetable Blanquette

A recipe for a healthy stewed dish with a creamy sauce, vegetables and chicken to remind the veal Blanquette.



PORTIONS 4 persons

CALORIES 679 kcal



  • stewpot



  • 550 g chicken or veal
  • 240 g carrots
  • 150 g leeks
  • 150 g Brussels sprouts
  • 100 g button mushrooms

The broth

  • 400 ml soy cream or other semi-thick cream
  • 400 ml water
  • 45 g clarified butter
  • 20 g vegetable bouillon powder or chicken broth
  • 15 g potato or other starch



1.                   Cut the chicken into pieces and brown with clarified butter. Then set aside.

2.                  In a large stewpot pour the butter with the vegetable stock. Mix and then add the various peeled and chopped vegetables. Brown them and soak the roux in the vegetable stock and then add the water.

3.                  Simmer your vegetables for about 30 min. covered then uncover and remove your vegetables while keeping the cooking broth.

4.                  Add the cream and starch to it. Whip vigorously.

5.                  If you have lumps, pour the preparation into the Blender and mix, then pour the stock into the stewpot.

6.                  Pour the vegetables and chicken again, mix and reduce the mixture for 5 minutes on low heat. Then serve your chicken Blanquette immediately.


1.                   It is possible to replace:

-Chicken with veal, tofu, tempeh or fish

-Vegetables by other of season at the time of your realization

-soya cream by another vegetable cream 

-vegetable broth by poultry broth

NUTRITION Quick Healthy Dinner 


Nutritional information

Chicken and vegetable Blanquette

Quantity per serving (1 person)

Calories 679 Fat 531

 % of daily intake*

Fat 59g  91%

carbohydrates 22g   7%.

Protein 19g   38%



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