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Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes – Delicious Healthy Dinner Ideas


easy healthy dinner recipes

Quick Healthy Dinner & Delicious complete dish

Welcome to this section of easy and healthy dinner recipes blog on the theme of sweet and savory rosettes of whole dish cooking blog. You will find unique recipes with everything you need to have healthy complete meals. These are all the healthier and dietetic recipes that include proteins, starches and vegetables.


Sandwiches use bread, lasagna uses pasta, pies use pie as well as quiches.

Starchy foods are therefore the basis of many dinner healthy food recipes. Finally, you will have understood it here, it is the heading of cereals, rice and pasta!


So, in this section of healthy complete dish recipes, you will find meals in which you will have everything you need to have a balanced dish.


 Always with a source of vegetable or animal protein, with vegetables for fiber and vitamins. And finally, starchy foods with cereals, legumes, pasta or rice to give you a satisfying dinner healthy food recipes rich in healthy foods. Be it porridges, family dishes, gratins or baked poultry.


 This section will give your ideas for healthy and balanced meals for the whole family.

Finally, don’t forget to take a look at the light dinner ideas for appetizers or side dishes and sauces that are worth the detour.


Butternut stuffed with fresh goat cheese risotto recipe for dinner

It is Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes and also possible to make this recipe according to your tastes. The butternut can be replaced by a small pumpkin or the mini Jack be Little pumpkins which will be perfect for this type of dish. Then the risotto can be made with quinoa, corsets or spelt or wheat grains. For the blow it will be very rich in fibers. The vegetable broth can be replaced by poultry broth for example and finally the button mushrooms can be replaced by other mushrooms such as morels, porcini mushrooms, chanterelles or truffles.

So to make this recipe of butternut stuffed with risotto, you must already wash, cut and empty the butternut. Then I made cuts to make it easier to cook and I brushed it with olive oil and spices like paprika and the 4 spices mixture. While the butternut was baking, I made my risotto. So on one side there is the brown rice and mushrooms and on the other side the vegetable broth. Once the risotto is finished, I added the goat cheese and sprinkled with hazelnut chips before putting the stuffed butternut in the oven for the 2nd time.

Butternut stuffed with risotto and fresh goat cheese healthy dinner

A recipe of butternut stuffed with fresh goat cheese and mushroom risotto one of the easy healthy dinner recipes.





·         oven

·         stewpot

·         casserole



·         1/2 butternut

·         olive oil

·         paprika

·         4 spices mix

The risotto

·         250 ml water

·         75 g brown rice

·         55 g fresh goat cheese

·         35 g button mushroom

·         10 g vegetable stock powder bio low salty

·         hazelnut



1.            Wash, cut in two and empty the butternut. Then season it with a mixture of paprika, 4 spices and olive oil. Make crosses on the flesh. Place it on the baking tray and bake at 200°C for 50 minutes.

2.            Pour the water and broth into the saucepan. Mix and heat it over medium heat.

3.            Pour the raw rice and sliced mushrooms into the stewpot. Heat over low heat.

4.            Pour a ladle of broth into the rice, stir and wait for it to absorb the broth. Then add another ladle and so on until the stock is absorbed.

5.            When the risotto is creamy and the rice melts, add the goat cheese. Mix and reduce a little.

6.            Take the butternut out of the oven, scrape the flesh with a fork and pour the risotto in the center. Pour crushed hazelnuts on top and bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 200°C to get a nice crust. Then taste immediately.


1.            It is possible to replace:

-butternut with Jack Be Little pumpkins or small pumpkins

-whole meal rice with quinoa, wheat or spelt grains

-fresh goat’s cheese with Roquefort, goat’s blue cheese or Parmesan cheese

-Mushrooms with morel mushrooms, porcini mushrooms or truffles

NUTRITION / Healthy Dinner


Nutritional information

Butternut stuffed with risotto and fresh goat cheese

Quantity per serving (1 person)

Calories 652 Fat 117

% of daily intake*

Fat 13g 20% Fat

Saturated Fat 8g 40%.

Cholesterol 25mg 8%.

Sodium 280mg 12%.

Potassium 1958mg 56

carbohydrates 120g 40% 40

Fiber 11g 44%

Sugar 12g 13%

Protein 22g 44%

Vitamin A 53718IU 1074%

Vitamin C 105mg 127

Calcium 338mg 34%.

                                                             Iron 5mg 28%.

easy healthy dinner recipes

Salmon and broccoli croquette with lemon sauce healthy dinner

For the record it’s easy healthy dinner recipes, I served this recipe for salmon and broccoli croquette to my mother and my boyfriend who liked it and gave me the pleasure of leaving it to me! At home sometimes the “war” rages around the fridge between my boyfriend who would like to eat everything and me who prevents him from doing so because I need this ingredient or because the shooting has not yet been done. So, when he comes home from work and I tell him that all the shots are done and he can help himself, he is always much happier. And when my mother comes by my house and I’m in the middle of a shoot, she’s always quietly waiting to be my “tester”. All this to tell you that this recipe of salmon and broccoli croquette with lemon and dill sauce has been validated by everyone. So now it’s your turn to make this homemade fish croquette recipe.

For this recipe as usual I chose seasonal ingredients, as I said before easy healthy dinner recipes and  easy to find and accessible so you can reuse them in other recipes and within an acceptable budget. So, for these croquettes I used eggs from organic free-range hens, then flour, dill and a little salt. Then I added a steamed salmon fillet and steamed broccoli florets as well. For the sauce that accompanies these salmon croquettes I used organic lemon juice, clarified butter or ghee, soy cream, dill and potato starch. Many of these ingredients can be replaced in whole or in part. For example, potato starch can be replaced by corn starch or arrow-root. Then broccoli can be replaced by cauliflower or Romanesco cabbage and salmon by cod. The flour can be replaced by another flour or by starch because the eggs are there to bind all the ingredients,

So to make this dinner healthy food recipes with fish croquette recipe, I have already steamed my broccoli florets and salmon. Then I made the croquette machine. For this I whipped the eggs with the soy cream, dill and flour. I mixed, then I added the salmon and the cooked broccoli. I mixed and then used cookie cutters to cook my croquettes and make them cylindrical. For the sauce I made a roux with homemade clarified butter and starch. I mixed well and then I added the lemon juice, cream and dill gradually, whisking well. The sauce having some lumps, I passed the whole in a sieve to obtain a smooth and creamy lemon and dill sauce. Then I enjoyed my salmon croquettes with the homemade lemon sauce.

Salmon and broccoli croquette with lemon sauce healthy dinner

A recipe for salmon and broccoli croquette, served with a smooth and creamy sauce with organic lemon juice and dill dinner healthy food recipes.




TYPE OF Dish: Complete dish

COOKING Without: lactose

PORTIONS 8 : Kibbles

CALORIES : 242 kcal


·         cylindrical punch

·         steam cooker

·         stainless steel/Chinese sieve or small mixer




·         350 g salmon fillet

·         200 g bunch of broccoli

·         3 eggs

·         100 g wheat flour T80

·         dill

Lemon Sauce

·         170 ml soy cream

·         20 g clarified butter

·         15 ml organic lemon juice

·         15 g potato starch

·         dill



1.            In the steam basket add the broccoli florets, then cook them for 30 min. 15 min later, add the salmon in the steam basket.

2.            In a container pour the eggs, dill, flour and salt. Whip the preparation until it is homogeneous.

3.            Coarsely crush the broccoli in your hands and pour. Mix with a soft spatula. Then add the salmon and mix in the same way to preserve the pieces.

4.            Oil cookie cutters, then place them on a large pan with some clarified butter again. Pour in the equivalent of 3 tablespoons of preparation.

5.            Using pliers* grasp the die, cut the edges of the kibbles with a knife, then lift the die. Then turn the preparation over and so on until it is exhausted.

The sauce

1.            During this time pour the butter and the starch into a saucepan to make a roux. Then once homogeneous, gradually add the cream, lemon juice and dill while whisking.

2.            If you have a few lumps, strain the cream through a sieve, blender or small colander and mix with a teaspoon to strain the sauce well.

3.            Then serve your croquettes with the sauce and enjoy.


1.            *the clip is my technique to avoid getting burned. For this I use one with silicone ends. Otherwise you can use a cloth, more practical than a potholder.

2.            It is possible to replace:

-flour can be replaced by starch

-broccoli by cauliflower or Romanesco

-salmon by cod

-soya cream by a semi-thick cream




Nutritional information


Salmon and broccoli croquette with lemon sauce

Quantity per portion (1 croquette with sauce)

Calories 242 Fat 135

% of daily intake*

Fat 15g 23% Fat

Saturated Fat 7g 35%.

Cholesterol 121mg 40% Cholesterol

Sodium 60mg 3%.

Potassium 351mg 10%.

Carbohydrates 14g 5%.

Fiber 2g 8%.

Sugar 1g 1%.

Proteins 14g 28%  

Vitamin A 575IU 12%.

Vitamin C 23mg 28

Calcium 40mg 4%.

Iron 1mg 6%.

* Daily percentage values based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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