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Delicious & Easy Dinner Ideas Caesar Salad Recipe for Dinner

Delicious & Easy Dinner Ideas Caesar Salad Recipe for Dinner

dinner healthy food recipes

Hello everyone,

The Caesar salad recipe for dinner is my husband’s favorite, usually I make this salad after a hearty roast chicken in the evening and there’s some left over chicken, I make the Caesar salad recipe for dinner, it’s an anti-waste recipe, the dressing is with homemade mayonnaise, and especially when I make the bread croutons myself with some of the bread from the day before, it gives them a new taste and a lot of crispness. This fresh and gourmet salad is always part of my meal idea list when I’m overwhelmed, because it’s very complete in my opinion. But generally, by accompanying this salad with falafel my children love to eat it with it healthy dinner ideas !

The rest of the Caesar Salad recipe is a matter of taste and Easy Dinner Ideas, whether it’s the olives, the tomato… On the other hand, I had forgotten to put one of the most important ingredients in my recipe, before I started taking the pictures. I had prepared everything and I set up the scene to take the pictures, and I had arranged everything so that everything was “perfect” on the picture, but I had forgotten the parmesan, hihihi, and yet I went out that day especially to buy the parmesan !!! but here I was, I was there with the shooting of the pictures, and after having cleared everything to start tasting this good salad, that’s when I realized that I had not put parmesan in my salad … Oops !

In any case, salads on our table are a must, if I don’t put one on, it’s a disaster, everyone of course likes what he likes as a salad, so it’s a real headache with my little family! One who likes only beets, the other one likes only carrots, the other one wants red onions and hard-boiled eggs… go find the solution Easy Dinner Ideas!

If like us you like salads because it’s one of the best  Easy Dinner Ideas, I will give you a small selection of some refreshing salads and mixed salads:

Caesar salad recipe for dinner

 Author Cooking Love


·         1 green salad

·         2 chicken breasts, otherwise leftover roast chicken

·         Grated or sliced Parmesan cheese

·         2 eggs

·         green olives

·         black olives

·         tomatoes

·         cubed bread + olive oil or just store-bought bread croutons

for the sauce:

·         3 tablespoons of mayonnaise

·         1 tablespoon of milk

·         1/2 tablespoon lemon juice

·         1 tablespoon grated Parmesan cheese

·         1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard

·         1 chopped clove of garlic

·         salt and pepper


·         Wash the salad and let it drain.

·         boil the eggs

Prepare the bread croutons :

·         Brown the bread, cut into cubes, for 3 minutes in a little oil.

·         drain on absorbent paper

prepare the chicken:

·         Cut the chicken into small cubes, season with a little salt, black pepper and paprika, place in a cool place for 30 minutes.

·         Brown in a little butter until the chicken pieces are golden brown.

·         drain on absorbent paper

prepare the sauce:

·         mix all the ingredients for the sauce

·         place in the refrigerator


·         Place the green salad in the dish.

·         Add on top of the chicken cubes and bread croutons.

·         Decorate and it is optional with olives, tomatoes and hard-boiled egg quarters.

·         grate the parmesan cheese on top

·         and sprinkle with the prepared sauce just before serving.

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